Welcome to Able Grape. We're a wine search engine — not for comparison shopping, but for learning and research. We aim to be the world's most comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative source for online wine information.

Our Background

The seeds (rootlings?) of Able Grape were planted a little over three years ago as we were studying for the WSET Diploma qualification, and realized just how difficult it can be to find up-to-date, trustworthy wine information on the web. We found ourselves digging through a lot of commercial, introductory, or out-of-date content to find a few nuggets of good information. So we decided to make a little site sharing the links we'd found with others. But soon enough, obsession set in — aided and abetted by a background in search technology — and what started as a modest bookmark list has grown into a full-blown search engine with more than 41,000 sites and some 21 million pages. The guiding philosophy has always been the same: build the tool that we ourselves would want to use for wine research and learning.

Important Things to Know

We recommend a quick look at our help, especially the example queries, if this is your first use. We're a little different than your usual search engine, with numerous wine-specific features and a few twists to help you find things faster.

Keep in mind that every search engine has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's only by trying a few different queries that you'll get a sense of what we're about. As a professional tool, we don't do much spelling correction, for example, so if the results look strange, try your query a different way. And keep trying back; almost every week we make improvements based upon user feedback or difficult queries we find in our query logs.

Finally, remember that this is a beta version, still very much a work in progress, and you can help make this your search engine. We welcome any you have, from bug reports to ideas for useful features. If you see a query whose results aren't what you expect, drop us an email!

If you like what you see, we ask two very small favors. First, please link to us — this supports our work by helping others find us. Second, please register; this is free, takes only a moment, and helps us keep you posted as we improve Able Grape. It also enables a growing list of extra features!

We hope you enjoy Able Grape and find it useful. Sláinte!

The Able Grape Team